Why Commercial Drivers Need Truck GPS

The trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of drivers. The demand for logistics is increasing but the trucking workforce is getting older and the companies are having trouble hiring younger drivers. Every trucker needs a good GPS unit, not regular vehicle GPS but one geared specifically towards trucking. These devices allow the driver to enter the length and weight of the truck and the GPS finds routes that are allowed for the given load. One top of that truck gps devices include valuable information such as truck stops. Many of these units support connections to a backup camera and some of them even have forward facing dashboard camera. They also offer real-time weather and traffic updates and they provide lane assistance which a very valuable feature for truckers. Anyone who drove a rig knows how difficult it is to change lanes on a highway in a 18-wheeler. Every truck drive should use a truck GPS, you’re fooling yourself if you’re still using paper maps as guidance.

Self-Balancing Scooter – The New Mode of Transportation


A self balancing scooter has become increasingly popular. A scooter of this kind runs by electricity. The maximum speed of most self balancing scooter’s is roughly 8 mph. In addition, a self balancing scooter usually contains a lithium 60-watt battery.

A scooter of this nature is portable and be taken almost anywhere. Once the scooter is fully charged it will last between 75-90 minutes. Therefore, you can enjoy over an hour and a half of fun and excitement.

A self balancing scooter can easily be ordered on line from a variety of Internet web sites. The scooter is priced anywhere between $140-$500. Depending upon model and type of scooter ordered. You can actually pay as much as $1,600 for a self balancing scooter. There is also a variety of colors in which to choose from when shopping for a self balancing scooter.

Some celebrities have tried scooter’s of this kind include Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner. A scooter is also a means of transportation. Phunkee and Hawk are the two most popular scooter’s currently on the market. Oxboard and Cyboard are also popular scooter’s which are gaining popularity.

It appears that this kind of scooter originated in China and of course quickly spread to the United Stares. The first self balancing scooter’s consisted of two wheels. When these scooter’s first hit the market they were featured at a variety of trade shows.

Self balancing scooters have been called the “worlds most viral scooter”. It seems that the scooter’s with minimal design and clear functions provide people with comfortable and efficient commuting style. The basic scooter has a very simple and easy to learn operation.

The Airwheel self balancing scooter is powered by clean energy electricity. Therefore, it is more comfortable and much better for the environment. For some people the Airwheel self balancing scooter is an alternative to an automobile and produces no pollutants. The scooter can help make ones lifestyle easier and less stressful.

Most balancing scooter’s weigh up to 30 pounds. In addition, the scooter can climb up to 17 degrees and may reach a distance of up to 10 miles traveling 10 miles per hour. A powerful motor will last a long time. Some manufacturers offer battery protection options.

Scooter safety may also be a concern for many people. Therefore, it may be a wise decision to invest in protective gear while operating a self balancing scooter. A protective helmet may be beneficial in case of fall or accident.

The self balancing scooter is very compact therefore it will never pose a problem. Parking a car can require substantial space. However, a scooter of this kind takes up very little space which is a definite benefit to the user.

How To Offroad Safely Without Endangering You and Your Passengers

Riding offroad can be a lots of fun. There aren’t cops around. If you fall off, you won’t hit the payment. You also don’t have to pay attention to the speed limits. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is; but, you do have to prepare yourself. You need to do this safe; otherwise, you could end up hurting your self.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when offroading.


This is a tip coming straight out of The Offroad School of Driving. You need to adjust the clutch. You need to be able to handle it while standing and when using your index and middle finger. In lamen’s terms, this allows you to operate the vehicle without losing your grip. This lets you have more control over what you are doing; especially, when it comes to the lower speeds. This also allows you to ride more smoothly. This comes in handy when you are going back and forth between fast and slow. It also helps you when the trek becomes more difficult.


If you are getting into sand or any kind of deep stuff, always lean back. If you are on the road, you slow down for traffic. You also slow down for heavier vehicles. This is juts normal protocol. If you are offroading, you need to use some speed. This is true with sand and hills, stuff like that. Just lean back and apply some speed. It’s the only way to navigate through these passages.

The combined force of your body weight pushing back and the force of the vehicle moving forward, this will just lift the bike or car out of the area. Remember this if you are in sand. Remember this if you are coming up out of a small hill. It’s the only way you will get out of there.


Always remember to bring the essentials. What if you get a flat tire? You will need something to help you out of it. You will need batteries and a cell phone. You might need some extra gas. If you think you might need it, take it with you. You’d be surprised how many are stuck where they are at, without any means of getting help.


There’s lots of traction on the road, there’s not a lot off. Take this into consideration. Some like to trail brake. This is not good. This will wipe out your front. Avoid doing this if you can. If you must use the front brake, slow down before the corner. Once you push down in the turn, power off right after. This is the best way to handle using the front brakes when offroading.


The idea is to pay attention to where you are looking to go. Never get distracted by where you don’t want to go. Many have done this before. Something from the shadows intrigues a person. Before you know it, he or she is lost. Your body will follow your head. Your vehicle will follow your head and body. Practice this. Practice it until it becomes commonplace.

I hope these tips have helped you out. Go out and have some fun. Don’t hurt yourself. If you are just a beginner with offroading, take a friend with you. Be sure this friend has done it before. You don’t want another novice like yourself out there with you. This will give you some practice. Stay safe and be prepared. Good luck!

Truck Light Bars – A Must for Offroading at Night


The latest trend for pickup truck owners is to spice up the image and functionality of their trucks by adding aftermarket pickup truck lights to their vehicles. Given the fact that now most pickup trucks have brush guards, roll bars, or bull bars mounting a light onto the pickup truck is not actually that hard. Even older model trucks can easily be fitted with truck light bars by using the front or rear bumpers. The lights make it much easier to see on the road, make it easier for other vehicles to see your truck, and act like an additional security measure for the pickup truck.

When you start to look at truck light bars, you need to consider a variety of factors before deciding what to buy. First of all, you need to think about any laws in your state about adding aftermarket lights onto a car. Some states have statutes on the book about colored LED lights, so you want to make sure that your purchase aligns with all of the laws. After all, you do not want to waste money on lights you cannot use or risk spending more money on a traffic citation.

You also need to think about the actual purpose and intended use of your truck light bars. If your main concern is functionality so that you can see a great distance then you need to pay attention to the wattage of the lights and the size of the lights. Some people enjoy bar lights that function much like flood lights because they can easily light up a field, parking lot, bonfire, or anything similar with just their truck lights. If you see yourself needing to navigate in the dark then functionality should be your main focus.

On the other hand, if you want to add aftermarket truck light bars to your pickup truck to make a style statement then you will likely have a lot more options open to you. You can choose colored lights to make a statement or to accent the detail of your truck. You can even choose a light bar with a design worked into it if cost is not an issue to you. Whatever you choose, the only thing you need to do is make sure that it will fit into your budget and appropriately fit onto your truck without too many adjustments or problems during installation of the lights.

Off-Road Adventure Preparation


Offroading is one of the greatest adventure sports the entire family can do together. It can be fun from the occasional family day trip all the way to the individual professional competition level. If you and the family want to start riding ATV’s, it is important to have the right equipment to haul your ATV, know the proper safety regulations of riding, as well as finding the right place to ride.

Before you purchase an ATV you will want to inspect the weight specifications of the vehicle and compare it to the hauling specifications of your truck, SUV, or car. You will also want to consider if you have more than one ATV is you will need to use an enclosed trailer or a flat bed. If you are pulling more weight than your vehicle is recommended too, it will tear up your vehicle, causing a lot of damage. You will also want to consider what kind of gas mileage your truck, SUV, or car will get when pulling it to the desired destination. These are all important factors to consider when you are purchasing your ATV.

Before you and your family begin riding the ATV’s at the trails and parks, it is important to take a safety class. This class will teach you about the importance of wearing your helmet when riding, how to properly operate the ATV, what type of conditions to avoid when riding, and basic first aide if an emergency should occur. This course will give you the basic knowledge and harsh realities of offroading. In most cases, the dealership you purchase your ATV from will have all the information regarding riding safety classes. Sometimes when you purchase an ATV, the dealership will give you a rebate or coupon for a free riding safety class.

When it comes time for you and your family to start riding the ATV, you want to find a course that is best suited to your level of experience. If you are a beginner, you do not want to spend the day on a course make for the professionals. The department of natural resources will have a list of the latest ATV parks around the country. When planning which park you want to go to, you want to make sure and review the accommodations and other activities that come in the park. In some local ATV parks, there is designated camping areas for guests. Some parks also have hiking trails, canoes and paddle boats for rent, a swimming pool, children’s play area, and other recreational activities.

When deciding on a park to ride at, you will want to find out the set rules and regulations. In most cases, the department of natural resources will have the same rules and regulations for each of the parks. If the parks are in different states, you will want to see what the state and local laws are as well. If you do not abide by any of the speed limits posted, get caught drinking and driving, or ride through the protected waterways, you will be given a heavy fine and kicked out of the park.

Off-Roading in Michigan


Do you love to tread where only a four-wheel drive vehicle can take you? You might want to try sightseeing in the heart of Michigan where only your rig can take you…

If you are the more adventurous type, you can be free to explore nature ‘in your way’, like driving the two-tracks in the woods, or maybe even make a big mess in the mud with only a map. If you prefer a more controlled environment with a lower level of stress associated with getting stranded in the middle of nowhere then grab your keys, hop in the truck and meet me at the off road park down the road. Many sand dunes line the western side of the state and offer a view of Lake Michigan that will take your breath away. You may want to try one (or more) of the many trail heads leading to beautiful trail systems that offer hundreds of miles of class three trails ranging from stock to modified, mud, and rock crawling classes. But don’t forget the winch! You never know how deep that puddle is until you are in it.

Every year in Northern Michigan, Jeep enthusiasts gather from all over the country to begin the summer season with a family-oriented barbeque followed by a Blessing of the Jeeps to ensure a safe season as well as safe travels and adventures. In October even more Jeep adventurers get together in Gladwin for the Jeep Creep, an event held to raise money for charity and promote the Trunk or Treat event for children of all ages. After trying some of the various foods offered around the premises, an off-road adventure event concludes the celebration followed by an enormous JEEP ONLY parade through downtown as all of the guests leave the car show and sponsor displays.

Michigan also offers thousands of acres of state land in which you are free to explore as long as your vehicle is registered as an off-road vehicle and your trail sticker is legally displayed. While out and about on state land you are also able to enjoy camping in the wilderness for no charge at all in some areas. As long as the Department of Natural Resources is aware that you are there, you are able to camp freely and maintain a legal camp fire, but you must be sure to leave your selected camp site cleaner than you found it. While you’re at it, why don’t you try out Geocaching, too? It is an online scavenger hunt you can participate in for free and many of the locations can bring you to some places, events, and geological landmarks complete with history associated with the location. In fact, many of the locations of the ‘caches’ are only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles.

After a long day of adventure you can always drive to the shore of Lake Michigan, put your top down on the Jeep and watch the sun go down before the stars come out; the night sky viewing it definitely at its best in the wilderness of Michigan.

Off-Roading Tips You Can’t Miss


1. Camping Equipment

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised at how many newcomers, and even veteran off-roaders, forget to bring camping equipment. Chances are that if you’re going off-roading, you’ll be traveling out of town, county, and maybe even the state. Always make sure that you’ve equipped the right tools for the right job. A checklist of different camping supplies you may need during your off-roading adventure are as follows:

Clean drinking water (avoid drinking water from lakes and stream beds)
A tent sturdy and large enough to accommodate you and any guests that you may have
Supplies to strike up a good fire for the night or to fend off the cold
Tools for cutting down small trees, limbs, and logs in order to build a fire
Flashlights and good batteries are a must for those long nights and dark places you may visit

2. Medical Supplies

It goes without saying that bringing medical supplies is an absolute must before heading out on your off-road excursion. Failure to bring these supplies on your adventure can lead to injury, infection, poisoning, and even death in rare instances. Always make sure that you, or someone in your off-road group, brings a medical safety kit and proper tools to treat dings, scratches, and cuts. As a side note: Packing more medical supplies than you actually need is recommended!

Gauze and cotton dressings
Tourniquet for reducing blood loss in larger wounds
Thread and needle should an individual need stitches
Disinfectant for eliminating germs and infection on the site of the injury
Small, medium, and large sized band-aids to treat any cuts that may occur
Sterilized water to clean tools with, should you be working on multiple people with injuries

3. GPS And Communication Devices

Remembering to pack a GPS and a communication device is vital for the off-road trips you will be taking in the near future. These devices, when used in a state of emergency, can save your life and allow emergency services to track you in a more efficient manner.

Similarly, always make sure to equip a communication device that can handle being in secluded areas without losing a signal. Using a cellphone with satellite linking capabilities will ensure that you are able to make phone calls in even the most remote areas without dropping a call. These tools will also allow you to notify when you will be leaving the off-roading site, what time you arrived, and any other vital details that may occur.

4. Notifying Others Of Your Actions

In line with tip number 3, it’s always recommended that you have a general communication with others about the actions you will be taking. Allowing your parents, co-workers, friends, and other family members to know about your off-roading trip can save some headache in the future.

Furthermore, this communication of your actions will also promote a safe and worry-free environment for you to fully enjoy your trip. You will rest assured in knowing that you have people thinking about you should something go wrong on the trip.

Off-road Trails in the Southeastern part of the US


There are many off-road trails across the Southeastern US to choose from. If you love the outdoors and everything nature has to offer, then off-roading would be right up your avenue. Off road adventures are fun enough for the whole family to enjoy. Most trails offer memberships to their club with an annual fee each year. Cheaha trail riders has a very reasonable membership for riding in their park.

Cheaha trail riders are also involved with other trails around Alabama like Minooka park located in Jemison, Alabama. You can gain access to many other trails from their website, however, Southern Four Wheel Drive Association has a list on its website that is more detailed.

What to know before off-roading

Complete the application process required for the park you will be riding at. Pay any fees due, and get a copy of all rules required by the park. Take a safety course, and have your children take the course as well. Attend any meetings required by the park, some rules could change so it’s best to attend and know ahead of time.

Off-road events

Be sure and pay attention to the events calendar for your trails. Some of these events are to raise money for a really good cause. There could also be opportunities to volunteer with your trail or trails nearby. Don’t miss an opportunity to help others in need.

Trails outside the Southeastern US

Colorado is filled with trails for off-roading and the view of the mountains makes this area the best as far as scenery.

A couple in Castle Rock, CO. started an off-road dream of their own to help those who were being used in human trafficking. With donations sponsors, and events they are able to give to those who truly need help. “Set them free off-road” contains lots of information on their site about their events and the trails. They also have ratings on each of the trails regarding the best equipment, and driver experience in order to get through them.

Ouray, CO. has some amazing trails, the scenery is unlike anything you will ever see anywhere else. The trails within this area range from easy to difficult. If you are wanting to view the mountains and beautiful scenery, go with the easier trails and take your time. The lodging is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. Box Canyon Lodge and hot springs is very nice, the mountains look so big next to this lodge. The rooms are perfect after a long ride on the trails, not to mention the natural hot springs at this lodge. Great summer vacation just load up the four wheelers, and jeep and go hit the trails.

Choosing Your Off Road Tires


Choosing the right type of all off road tires can be a daunting task. There are so many different types to choose from and they can be used for so many different purposes. Which one is right for you? After reading the following explanation, we hope that you will understand a little bit more about choosing the proper off-road tire for you and your needs.

Let’s first look at two different types of off-road truck tires. The two main types that are available are bias tires and radial tires. However, the tire industry has nearly stopped manufacturing bias tires, except for under a few minor circumstances. Most off-road tires that you will find will be of the radial variety.

The main difference between radial tire and a bias tire is that the radial tire allows the sidewall as well as the tread to function as separate parts of the tire. Whereas, a bias tire is made of many plies of rubber that overlap one another and this overlapping structure makes the entire tire generally less flexible and much quicker to produce heat through friction.

Additionally, radial tires create longer footprints with the ground surface and allow the automobile to transfer a greater amount of traction to the ground. Lightest tires tend to have a greater amount of slippage and this can lead to less engine power being transmitted to the ground surface.

Proponents of radial tires generally submit that they contribute to lower consumption of fuel, less compaction and damage to the ground surface, a greater amount of traction transferred, as well as less need to replace the tires due to a longer service life. In fact, it’s clear that bias tires simply cannot compare to the advantages of choosing radials.

Now that you are convinced that radials are the best choice, you must now decide whether you should buy all season tires, all-terrain tires, or extreme terrain tires. Let’s briefly look at the advantages and uses of each type.

Obviously, all season tires are going to be a good choice for a general-purpose tire. They are typically not designed for going off road. They are not composed of the right materials to handle the abuse of off-road conditions. However, all season tires our good choice if you are simply driving on typical highways and the sort of paved roads that most people will encounter. Typically, all season tires are the kinds that are found on most stock vehicles.

Now, let’s look at altering tires and see what their advantages are. Just as the name implies, all-terrain tires are designed to be appropriate for a broad range of trades and services. Any good-quality all-terrain tire should be perfect for driving on city roadways as well as most off-road applications. Of course, any tire if not properly maintained or if excessively abused, may fail on you, so just drive reasonably.

Let’s look at extreme terrain tires. These tires are specially designed to take a severe amount of abuse. Examples of extreme terrain tires are: rock crawling tires, mud bogging tires, sandy terrain tires, and deep snow tires. These sorts of tires are designed for all sorts of off-road conditions and are usually specialized for the job. They usually feature deep tread with a high gripping potential and the tread often extends up the sidewall.

These are extremely durable tires and are designed to conform to the types of surfaces for which they are specialized. Often, these tires include features such as cultural resistance and added durability. These tires are not designed to drive well on the roadways. On regular pavement, they tend to be loud, especially at high speeds and are not good at lasting very long if driven on pavement for any period of time.

We hope that this brief explanation of the different types of off road tires has enlightened you. Now that you know a little bit more about the types of tires that are out there on the market. Perhaps, he will be a more informed consumer and be able to more effectively choose the most appropriate tires for you.

Safety Tips for Off-road Driving


Driving off road can be dangerous; here are some tips to be more careful when driving off road to minimalize the chances of an accident occurring.

Do not drive too fast. It is recommended to drive very slow off road; under 10mph. Only speed up when neccessary such as climbing a hill or other obstruct in the road. Even then keep it under 10mph. Of you don’t you are likely to flip your vehicle.

If you do get stuck for whatever the reason may be; make sure to find an alternate route to get to your destination. An inexperienced driver or unequipped vehicle could be the cause for getting stuck. Sometimes walking the rest of the way is better than just waiting for rescue.

Don’t stray away from the trail. The trails set up have been used by people countless times and are guaranteed that it is possible to make it to your destination. Shortcuts or making your own trail is an easy way for your vehicle to get stuck. Do not be led by what other people may say; they might have been able to do this out of pure luck or due to the fact that they had a very good vehicle. However it is better not to take your chances.

Check weather conditions; mud, sand or other obstacles may be hiding a huge hole that could stand in your way. It is best to check out the area first. If you can’t make it by foot; more than likely your vehicle won’t be able to make it either.

If things become to challenging don’t be afraid to call it quits and turn around. In off road areas cell phone service will be cut; so you won’t be able to call for help. If you know you there is still a great distance between you and your destination walk back before you get even further from your starting point.

Properly equip your vehicle with the right tires perfect for off road driving. Most stock tires that come with your SUV can’t handle more than the wet grass of a residential area. If you are using these tires you are setting yourself up for failure.

Pack tools that can help you in advance. It doesn’t hurt to come well prepared; bring a wrench, high-lift Jack, a shovel to remove dirt, etc. You never know what may come your way. Bring supplies as well extra clothes, water, and a sleeping bag just in case.

Tell loved ones where you are going, when you are leaving, and when you will be coming back. If something does happen they will know to search for you. It can be a family member or trusted friend.

As you can see there are a lot of risks when driving off road. One wrong move and you could get stuck. These tips will help you when driving off road. If you don’t take the proper measures when driving off road you won’t make it from point a to point b.